Intelligent Exercise, LLC is dedicated to improving overall physical performance and quality of life through movement and fitness. The company informs and educates individuals through physical awareness and flow of movement/efficiency of movement. The gap between these ideals is then narrowed through conscious breathing.

The studio was opened in Ann Arbor, MI in January 2005 to expand the ideas to the public through personal training, small group classes and lecture/demonstration. "Pilates Revealed" is a unique video available for purchase now. It is a workout video dedicated to the fundamentals in Pilates form. The fundamentals of the Pilates form are the basic movements and patterns that enable you to keep perfect posture while performing the full exercises. Once you apply the fundamentals, you'll know that you're doing the exercises correctly.

Intelligent Exercise, LLC is proud to represent Balanced Body as a Host site and feature Balanced Body equipment and instructor education.

Intelligent Exercise Pilates and Fitness caters to all exercise groups and levels.
Every Individual
Any individual wanting to improve his or her quality of life through movement and regular exercise. Pilates is a mind-body movement technique which combines resistance training with conscious breathing and skeletal alignment, improving movement quality, efficiency of movement, strength, flexibility, coordination and focus. Your overall energy level will increase while creating a strong, lean, flexible, capable, and aware body.
Professional, amateur, and recreational athletes will benefit from the functional training aspect of Pilates as well as Personal Training at Intelligent Exercise. Functional and sports specific movements are performed while strengthening the core to improve strength and flexibility while challenging your balance, coordination and concentration.
Special Populations
Because of the gentle and low impact nature of Pilates, modifications to the movements are performed to empower special populations to maintain an exercise program for their needs. Pilates is ideal for special issues including low back pain, pregnancy, osteoporosis, and injury recuperation. Call our studio to find out if we can help you maintain consistency in exercise while focusing on your special needs.


Come to Intelligent Exercise LLC to experience the physical and obtain the results; a long, lean, strong, energized and aware body!

IE Tips

The Gluteus Medius, one of my favorite muscles.

How can I have just one favorite?  I don't really - I have several, but the gluteus medius always ranks right up there on top.  Why?  Because it can be a great muscle, amazing - but when it's bad - it's oh so bad.